Update: October 4, 2012…. Fuglies begin popping up earlier this year. This will prove #BarkBusters toughest, most demanding year yet. Join us… contact Chief Meteorologist and Dispatcher @NoCryBabyDogs to report danger and/or request assistance. On call 24/7/365


It was a dark and stormy night…make that a dark, cold, and stormy night in November 2009. Zorro, the Giant Schnauzer known to all as @IamZorro on Twitter, was performing a routine security check of the perimeter of his backyard. Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of unusual activity in his neighbor’s front yard. This “thing” glowed and swayed with the wind. This could not be good.

So, Big Z did what all superior security guards would: He barked. He howled. He lunged at the fence separating him from this intruder. He made so much noise, his people made him come inside. But still, the intruder glowed and mocked him through the window. All night long. By morning, the glow was gone. The next night, the thing was back.

Realizing he needed back-up, Z consulted with Twitter pals, Bosco (@BigBoyBosco), Tiger (@TigerthePup)…

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