Don’t Bark at the Postman! She May Not Ring Twice…

The Postman CAN Bring Good Stuff….So don’t bark incessantly every time you know she’s approaching your door.

Last week, a large box arrived addressed to me. This is always a good sign. I don’t get bills to pay, junk mail, or political flyers. I get STUFF, usually from my pals or Twitter events.


Milou, the Chunky

Last month—and I can’t believe I’m telling you this—I won some @HillsPet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food for cats! No, I have not crossed the line between cat=vermin or cat=friend.

Truth is, one of the cats has gotten a little chunky (probably because she hides upstairs where Kenzie and I can’t chase her). So I won a starter supply of the new Hills Pet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution for Milou at a #BlogPaws Pawty—Now, she weighs about the same as Kenzie and I, so you can only imagine her “chunkiness.”

No, that is for cats, Kenzie!

No, that is for cats, Kenzie!

One small problem—Kenzie thought the food was for her! Goofy as always. At least she didn’t eat it and Milou is on her weight loss journey. (More later!) Note: Milou has yet to thank me, though I notice her bowl is empty every time I pass it.

Last week, the postwoman brought a box containing a variety of products from #Organix Pet Foods. For Dogs. Kibble, canned food, and treats. Definitely something Kenzie and I enjoy. In fact, we may end up on a diet ourselves if we keep helping ourselves to those treats! We’re big on organic, grain-free Made-in-the-USA food around here, so this was welcomed big time. Got my paws on the can of sweet potatoes …

Yes, this is for us, Kenzie!

Yes, this is for us, Kenzie!

Both of these prizes came through my pal Rocco Havanese’s blog, To Do With Love. I learn a lot from Rocco. He invited pals to a twitter pawty a few weeks ago, and I won just for RSVPing. And the pawty was a blast. Learned about Castor & Pollux’s commitment to Made In the USA organic pet food. And now Kenzie and I will both attest that it’s yummy.

Maybe I’ll let Milou guest post about her experiences on the Hills Pet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution…

but then again, don’t think so!


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