This Dude Doesn’t Do Pink… However…

…Right now there’s a really, really good reason. Most of my pals on Twitter know that I’m allergic to pink. You’ll never, ever catch me in pink. Not for #PinkPups events—I secure the premises, but no dollies and tea or Hello Kitty stuff for me. I even “grrrr” when I see that girly stuff.

Like to wear dude clothes. My Dale Jr fire suit is my favorite outfit, though he better ditch the new beard and I’ll ditch the fire suit to change his luck going over to ‘Dega next weekend. Think I’ll put my sekurity  jacket on for a while.

Missy and Kirbee’s Dad, Mr. George. He likes to look at books about World War II.

Recently learned that our dear pals @MissBusyBiz and @Kirbee_Dude are facing really tough times. They help their mum care for their Dad, a war veteran who has a problem that makes his memory forget stuff like walking and doing the things he used to do. It’s called Alzheimer’s… but, the important thing is that Missy, Kirbee, and Mum (you probably know Miss Francy through Missy or @seniorcaretips, her Blog) are in a pickle and really need the help and support of the anipal community.

When their Dad stopped working, Missy’s mum stayed home to care for him. He cannot stay alone, even with Missy and Kirbee helping out. And you know how bad the economy is… why we have pitched in and helped so many the past few years.

Well, Missy’s family recently received some really tough news. They are losing their house and have to move. They don’t have the money needed for such a huge change, and friends are trying to help them get packed and settled in a new home soon.

The @ShibberingCheetos have set up a #PinkPawty page, and @PepiSmartDog and @RagabashGirl’s mom have explained the situation much better than I can—please read all three links. You know, we anipals just cannot allow Missy’s family to face this alone.

A lot of anipals are working hard on a pawty to show support—and help raise some money—for Missy’s Family. The #PinkPawty—yeah, I know, I didn’t pick the name—is Wednesday, October 3 from 5:00-9:00 p.m. EDT. Here is your personal invitation to join us and bring plenty of friends. The hashtag will be #PinkPawty. Let’s rock the Twitterverse and trend #PinkPawty worldwide! My pals @BigBoyBosco and @IAmZorro just might knock on your door if you’re not there. They’re good at “convincing.”

A chipin has been set up for anyone who can help. No amount is too small—or too big!—and all gifts are welcomed.

If you don’t have money to spare, don’t worry, pawcircle prayers help so much. We’ve all seen the power of the #pawcircle. Let’s join paws and deliver another miracle.

Please help spread the word and make this pawty huge! You’ll see lots of tweets the next couple days. Please RT and make sure your FB pals know also.

Bet you thought you’d NEVER see this! BOL!

*whispers* I have a surprise just to cheer Missy up. Please keep it a secret. Here’s a preview of my party duds. It’s really itching me like crazy, but hey, Kyle Busch wore this and drove a Pink Kitten and Puppy and Baby Seal car in a NASCAR race. Seriously, if Rowdy could handle it, so can I. See you at the PinkPawty Wednesday!

BaconBeers will be my treat! Note to self—Order lots of @HanksBaconBeer!

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3 Responses to This Dude Doesn’t Do Pink… However…

  1. PepiSmartDog says:

    Hee Hee ! Nothing like man-jammies *cough* I mean man-suit to make Missy feel better! :=o)

  2. Honeybell says:

    I missed this! Gives dirty looks at the mom! I love pink! Mol
    -Honeybell aka @wildboutbirds on twitter

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