Got Westitude! I am named after Hergé’s great Belgium Comic series, The Adventures of Tintin and Snowy. Tintin is an investigative reporter, and Snowy is his intrepid terrier companion. My actual French name is Milou, but one of our cats got it first–thank dog; don’t you think Milou sounds kinda girlie? Oh yeah, even though I might seem small, I am definitely a DUDE! Please don’t call me “pretty,” “lovely” or “she.”

I have a big dog brother Casey, a new little sister Mackenzie, and two cats I love to chase. Zizou is the other cat. You can catch them on twitter sometimes, @ZizouandMilou. I’m ALWAYS available on Twitter, @SnowyWestie. Come join the conversation!


3 Responses to About

  1. Hi, my name is Lucy. I am a Jack Russell Terrier. I have been in my new forever home for almost 4 weeks. I got lost from my old home and couldn’t find my way back. I was taken to the local shelter. The shelter was very clean and they took good care of me. My new Daddy stopped in and he found me! He called my new Mommy and said, we have to get this girl! A few days later I was in my new home. I am so happy that they didn’t mind that I am not a puppy any more. I am currently training my new humans in all the ways a Princess should be treated. They are learning very well.

    • snowywestie says:

      So glad you have a great forever home now. You had quite an adventure! Do you twitter? You must meet @missbusybiz and @princessgwenie They know all things royal. I’m a dude, so I’m not up on that princess stuff! #WestieWave!

  2. My twitter is @LettersFromLucy Thank you for visiting my blog.

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