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Going to Barkworld 2012!

Finally. After two fruitless tries. I am FINALLY going to get to Barkworld 2012. There’s no real good excuse why I haven’t attended the first two. I mean, hey, it’s right in my backyard, correct? So what if my peeps … Continue reading

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From my good pal, @westiesp: A fun video staring pals Angus, Wyatt, Ruffles & Miski… and Me! Thanks Vivi!

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Shocking! Never Before Revealed: The Truth about #Barkbusters!

It was a dark and stormy night…make that a dark, cold, and stormy night in November 2009. Zorro, the Giant Schnauzer known to all as @IamZorro on Twitter, was performing a routine security check of the perimeter of his backyard. … Continue reading

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A Plea to the World…. Please Share

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With a Heavy Heart… UPDATE! Heroes DO Exist!

This video gives me hope. Again, thank you @PepiSmartDog, for pointing me to this.

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With a Heavy Heart….

I have been closely following my friend @pepismartdog’s reporting on the tragedy unfolding in Japan. Yes, we all remember the March 11 earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear catastrophe. We raised money at the twitter pawpawty to help the World Vets … Continue reading


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I’m Still Here….

Well, either Rapture didn’t happen, or a whole lot of people didn’t get picked… Guess that gives me more time to work on my Bucket List.

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Before the World Ends Tomorrow…. A Westie’s Bucket List

1. Catch that squirrel that jumps from branch to branch just out of my reach. 2. Live in a house with no annoying cats. 3. Convince @MissBusyBiz that dudes don’t do pink. 4. Visit Orkney, Westies’ ancestral home. 5. Learn … Continue reading

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…Just Waving! You know?

Welcome to WestieWaves! If we are Twitter pals, then you know my favorite greeting (especially on Wednesdays) is #WestieWaves. It’s a universal way to say “Hi-there-hope-all-is-right-with-the-world.”

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