Before the World Ends Tomorrow…. A Westie’s Bucket List

1. Catch that squirrel that jumps from branch to branch just out of my reach.
2. Live in a house with no annoying cats.
3. Convince @MissBusyBiz that dudes don’t do pink.
4. Visit Orkney, Westies’ ancestral home.
5. Learn how to swim in ocean waves.
6. Get mom to cook like @LucyWestie’s mom. (well, a dog can wish, right?)
7. Get to hunt vermin just once.
8. Get muddy and not have to take a bath.
9. Take a ride in a convertible with the top down.
10. Meet the Twitter #BaconBot
11. Speaking of Bacon…. Bacon Bacon and more Bacon!
12. Solve Pi
13. Watch Jr. win a race.
14. See the Grand Canyon.
15. Sit at the bar and share a BaconBeer with the #Barkbusters
16. Win an agility contest.
17. Learn agility.
18. Travel to Paris, where I can eat in a restaurant, no just a drive through.
19. Visit @westiesp and join in one of the Gatherings of Westies
20. Watch cycling with @angusfala and @danapixie. (watch Ainsley attack the TV)
21. Elect politicians who work for the people, not themselves.
22. Find out what is at the end of the rainbow.
23. Get barktending tips from @Pepismartdog.
24. Win the lottery so all animals have a good home. Appoint @FrugalDougal to administer funds.
25. Achieve world peace by appointing @MacintoshWestie Diplomat in Chief.
26. Read War and Peace.
27. Watch All Dogs Go to Heaven.
28. Ride with @nocrybabydogs when she goes storm chasing.
29. Put the bitie on the dog catcher.
30. Figure out the meaning of life.
31. Tell my family and friends I love them THIS MUCH.

…. Lots to do. Gotta run. #WestieWave

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2 Responses to Before the World Ends Tomorrow…. A Westie’s Bucket List

  1. I’m with you on the squirrel thing! There are three that live in the trees where I go to go do what a girl has to do. They laugh at me because they know I am onna string and can’t get up the tree to get them. I keep telling Mommy, please Mommy just let me teach them a lesson. She says, Lucy, you will climb the tree and then fall and break your little leg and then you will have to wear the cone of shame. Mommy is a good Mommy; but she just doesn’t understand about squirrels. She says, Lucy, those squirrels are just trying to eat and stay alive like all of us and you don’t need to bother them. She just doesn’t understand.

  2. snowywestie says:

    But doesn’t your mom know that we are bred to hunt vermin??? Not to sit back and watch those squirrels taunt us…. We DO need to bother them. A lot!

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