Making a List; Checking it 500 Times…..

Much as it pains me to admit this, I have become rather fond of my goofy little sister, Mackenzie. She likes to zoom around the house with me, wrestle, watch NASCAR and bark when anything crosses our super secret security fence.

Watch out! Kenzie's at the wheel.

Watch out! Kenzie’s at the wheel.

So, decided to take her to see Santa this week. Can you imagine she wants a pink Hello Kitty Jeep? Ugh, what’s with that? A Red Mustang definitely a better choice. She’s too young to drive, anyway. (But try telling her that… geesh.)

What can I say–she’s goofy, but she’s my sis. And I guess I’m thankful for her.

I hope Santa visits every single shelter and homeless anipal on the streets, helping them find food, warmth, love and forever homes. That would make this the best Christmas ever!

Kenzie (left) batting hr eyes at Santa.

Kenzie (left) batting her eyes at Santa. Please, no pink jeep in this house.

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